You join us as we beam a big smile.

Simply because we know (with over 20 years of experience) we can take whatever is going on inside that amazing brain of yours and bring it to life.

We use technology in the service of creativity to create online experiences on a multitude of platforms. Small or large - at any level of complexity.

Mogul Media is a digital design + development company based in Edinburgh. We're connected with a coherent network of brilliant coders and designers from all around the world. Our speciality is turning your ideas into reality and, importantly, get it noticed by the wider world. For new apps and sites we can design with you and build a strong presence that will help you attract an audience and build significance with it.

2018 - Mogul Media's sister company, Gorton Bros, is ready to provide your campaigns and media strategies with sales and audience boosts. Get in touch with us for event-based and sustained, optimised campaigns.

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"Your own site. It's a bit...underwhelming."
Every year we plan to create a wonderful showcase for our work, and then the reality of our production schedule hits home. One day we will get round to it, but until then... please get in touch to see our extensive portfolio.